It's unbelievable, but I managed to do an astrophotography (in this "weather")

I send my latest astrophotography made during the current period of weather briefly in the morning of July 24, 2011 :-) - between successive non-stop rain for weeks this year's "Summer" :-(

Hence the title of the poetry is a paraphrase of Horace: "Carpe Nocturno" ("catch the night") ;-)

On the first pictures you can see traces of artificial fly two satellites in the constellation Cassiopeia and the background of the Andromeda galaxy M31, on the following pictures appear above the building, among others constellation of Capricorn, which was actually an asteroid (4) Vesta, along with NASA's orbiting probe her "Dawn" [of course not visible in the photo *)], the last image on a spectacular close about 4,5° conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter ...

Stavite kursor na fotografiju da se učutaju podaci

Author: Andržej Karon

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