Crater Lake Under the Stars from Ben Canales on Vimeo.

I got a last minute invite from Chip McAlpine to join him on his photo trip to Crater Lake National Park to shoot stars. 

This was certainly a demanding trip in all aspects: before/during/after, financially, and relationships. But, damn, the results are one of my favorite so far from the years I've been shooting stars. 

The timelapse motion in the video is made possible by using the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly system. For more information about them visit:

Music by Joshua Radin. 

If you are interested in a fine art print from the stills of this video, you can find more information here:

I have teamed up with Uncage the Soul Productions. If you are interested in us doing work for you similar to this, find more information about what we do here:

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Also, check out the Michael Jackson "This Is It" slideshow (below).
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