Pluton je jedan od najzanimljivijih objekata u Sunčevom sistemu. Neki objekti su zanimljivi zato što puno znamo o njima, a neki zato što malo znamo o njima. Ovo drugo je slučaj sa Plutonom. Ovde se nalazi detaljan članak o Plutonu koji je pisan još u vreme dok je Pluton bio planeta. Ovde je jedan moderniji članak. Kraći je i sažetiji.

A pogledajte ovo. To je priča o potrazi za Planetom X - i to ima veze s Plutonom.

Ako ne znate zašto je Pluton toliko poseban: Kako i zašto je Pluton toliko različit od drugih planeta?

A sad, pre nego što krenete dalje, pročitajte šta je to planeta (ako još ne zante zašto Pluton nije planeta): Zvanična definicija "planete"

Konačno, sledi pravo uživanje: izbor filmića o Plutonu. Uživajte.

"Pluto" by Clare and The Reasons

Clare and the Reasons' music video for Pluto, directed by Alexander Kane. Edited By Jana Saleh.

Pluto I have some frightful news dear
in the New York Times
They've just reported you've been overthrown (aah ahh ahh)
from your solar throne for good

Pluto they say that you can't handle
your own gravity
well how can you overcome your body force
to clear the path for your own orbit

Now all the planets will gather around and have a thing for you
They'll wrap their orbits warmly around you and send you off with love
Chin up pluto the stars still want you and we down here do too
you know what to do, just keep on keeping on

Pluto I have some frightful news dear
in the New York Times
They've just reported you've been overthrown (aah ahh ahh)
from your solar throne for good

Why Isn't Pluto a Planet Any More?

Dr. Robert Hurt explains why Pluto got... well... plutoed.

Poor Pluto

An animated music video with an original, humorous, song. Pluto, no longer considered a planet, is very sad.

Space School- Pluto

At 3.7 billion miles from the Sun, the dark world of Pluto has remained a puzzle to scientists. Discovered less than one hundred years ago, new findings are still emerging about this distant former planet.

(dobar filmić koji, na žalost, ne može da se ubaci na sajt nego mora da se gleda direktno iz Tjube)

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The Plight of Pluto!

Pluto is no longer a planet, even though I still love him. This is a tribute to him.

Pluto On The Rebound music video

Two astro-challenged guys set a date with recently-dumped dwarf planet Pluto. Thanks Heidi Klum!
Category: Comedy


Ha, jako simpatičan filmić!

Dwarf Planet Nothin' (The Pluto Song)

Download the song free here: This song is for everyone out there who just can't accept the fact that the Sun's most awesome planet is no longer a planet.


s pluto a planet you decide.
science & technology knowledge is power! whatever pluto is or is not we should go see for ourself.

Pluto, Surface Revealed by Hubble Space Telescope

The never-before-seen surface of the distant 'planet' Pluto is resolved in these NASA Hubble Space Telescope pictures, taken with the European Space Agency's (ESA) Faint Object Camera (FOC) aboard ...

PLUTO - Astronomy

The Exploration of Pluto

Observe this documentary video on the old Pluto planet which is from now on displaced usual planets. It is made of rock, methane and ice.

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Pluto

Bill Nye talks about why Pluto should't be called a planet.

Sending a Probe to Pluto - Bye Bye Planet Pluto - BBC Science

Scientists arrange for a probe to be sent to the planet Pluto in a ground breaking exploratory mission. Find out here how they got their funding from NASA! Brilliant video from BBC Horizon show 'Bye Bye Planet Pluto'.

(Samo iz Tjube)

Pluto- Bone Trouble (1937)

Na kraju, evo još jednog Plutona!

Pluto has no bone, so he decides to steal one from his neighbour Spike... but when he is discovered, he escapes in a deserted carnival.




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